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Individual Personal Planning

Each Service User will have their own Individual Personal Plan. The plan will be developed prior to commencement of service and is designed to be flexible and evolving in nature. Access Support Services attempts whereever possible, not to do things for people; it works with them to develop skills to nurture independent living.

The Individual Personal Plan will incorporate many elements and may range from personal care and grooming, community access, health care, accommodation support, recreation, skill development, maintaining and creating meaningful relationships and many others.

Individual Personal Plans are to be developed in full consultation with the Service User or their advocate. Plans must be signed by Access Support Services and the Service User prior to implementation.

All plans have set goals with the strategies to achieve them.

Case Management

All Individual Personal Plans will be managed by the Service Manager, Support Co-ordinator and/or Key Worker, who are responsible for maintaining the privacy of Individual Support Plans, and ensuring that all Support Staff understand the need for privacy. The Service Manager, Support Co-ordinator/Key Worker will be responsible for the Support Staff who work with a particular Service User. The Service Manager, Support Co-ordinator/Key Worker is responsible for the day-to-day management and maintenance of a Service User's Individual Personal Plan.

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