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Doesn't everyone have the right to valued participation in their community?

Access Support Services assists people with disabilities who may require significant support to participate and engage, to communicate, to exercise choice and decision-making...and for daily living. Access Support Services is committed to person centred service delivery and we support people to make choices and decisions about their lives and to take part in valued, everyday activities.

Access Support Services:

  • Supports people with disabilities and their families;
  • Facilitates better community understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities and helps to foster a positive image of people with disabilities;
  • Endeavours to meet individual needs and personal goals in the least restrictive way possible and within available resources;
  • Provides services that enhance the abilities, skills and opportunities of people with disabilities and assist them to make a valued contribution to the community;
  • Recognises the right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of life;
  • Offers support for families of people with disabilities through the development of resources and programs and through the dissemination of information;
  • Have trained staff that have the relevant values, knowledge and competencies to support people with disabilities; and
  • Develops and provides innovative flexible services for people with disabilities, in line with our commitment to person centred service delivery.

Our Structure:

Access Support Services Inc. is managed by a committed group of individuals who ensure our services remain relevant and responsive to users' needs. Our Board members ensure that we balance mission imperatives and financial impacts, so that we can continue to provide excellent services for our clients. With responsibility for the general policy, strategic direction and financial accountability of Access Support Services Inc., our Board consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to four general members.

Contact Details

  •   113 Thuringowa Drive,
         KIRWAN QLD 4817
  •   (07) 4773 9521
  •   (07) 4773 9152